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Newborn Visits

Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc.

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Having a newborn baby is both exciting and exhausting. Babies depend on you for all their necessities and need early and regular visits with the pediatrician to make sure they are thriving. Sindu Pillai, MD, is an experienced pediatrician specializing in newborn care at her offices in Murrietta, California. She provides newborn visits at the hospital and at the office within days after going home from the hospital. To find out more about newborn visits at the office of Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc., call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Newborn Visits Q & A

What are newborn visits?

Newborn visits are health care services provided for newborn babies. 

Newborns also have special health needs that benefit from early care and monitoring. These health needs include their susceptibility to infections because of their immature immune systems and health issues like jaundice that may develop soon after you get home from the hospital. 

When do I schedule newborn visits?

If you choose Dr. Pillai as your child’s pediatrician, she will perform her first newborn visit within 24 hours after your baby’s birth while you’re still in the hospital.

Dr. Pillai offers prenatal visits for parents-to-be, mothers with a high-risk pregnancy, and any other family seeking a pediatrician for their new baby. It’s important to meet with your pediatrician before you give birth to establish a relationship and ensure your new baby has access to medical services right away.

Dr. Pillai recommends scheduling your next newborn visit at her office three to five days after birth or within 48 to 72 hours after discharge from the hospital. These early visits allow her to get to know your baby and their unique health needs. 

What happens during newborn visits?

You can expect a comprehensive physical exam during your first in-office newborn visit at the office of Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc. 

Dr. Pillai and her experienced staff check your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference. They also ask about feeding, wet and dirty diapers, and how your new baby is sleeping.

Dr. Pillai examines your baby from head to toe, looking for signs of jaundice (yellowing of the skin) and other newborn health concerns. She spends time answering your questions and offers guidance about feedings, bathing, sleeping, and any other newborn baby needs and concerns you have.

Dr. Pillai does a formal breastfeeding evaluation for breastfeeding moms and provides instructions and recommendations based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines. 

What happens after newborn visits?

After your newborn visit, Dr. Pillai schedules your baby’s next well-child visit, which occurs when your baby turns one month. If she has concerns about your newborn’s weight, Dr. Pillai may have you bring your baby in more often for weight checks.

Newborn visits are important for your baby’s health. For compassionate care, call the office of Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc., or schedule an appointment online today.