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School Physicals

Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc.

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School physicals are required for most children before they start school. Sindu Pillai, MD, provides school physicals and sports physicals at her pediatric practice, with two offices in Murrietta, California. The staff at the office of Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc., recommends you schedule your child’s school physical in advance to avoid any last-minute delays. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

School Physicals Q & A

What are school physicals?

School physicals are health examinations required by schools. They usually need a completed health form by your child’s health care provider with information about your child’s immunizations.

Dr. Pillai is an experienced pediatrician who provides school physicals at her practice. She and her friendly staff complete all the required paperwork and update immunizations as needed. 

When do children need school physicals?

Your child’s school may have specific guidelines for when they need a school physical. For example, some schools may require an annual physical, while others may only require physicals when your child first starts school. 

Dr. Pillai encourages you to schedule your child’s school physical well before the first day of school, so your child can start on time. When arranging your child’s physical, the staff requests you bring in all the school forms and your child’s immunization records at the time of your appointment to prevent any delays. 

What happens during school physicals?

The specifics of your child’s school physical may depend on your child’s health needs and the school’s requirements. However, a school physical is similar to an annual well-child visit.

During the physical exam, Dr. Pillai:

  • Reviews your child’s medical history
  • Checks height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate
  • Evaluates vision and hearing
  • Looks at your child’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat
  • Listens to breath sounds and heartbeat
  • Checks joints and muscles
  • Palpates internal organs
  • Reviews immunization records

Depending on your child’s age and immunization records, Dr. Pillai may recommend updating your child’s vaccinations during the school physical. She follows the vaccination guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

After your child’s school physical, Dr. Pillai and her staff complete the necessary paperwork for you to return to the school.

How are sports physicals different from school physicals?

Sports physicals are different from school physicals because they focus on determining if your child can safely participate in a sport. During a sports physical, Dr. Pillai may spend more time assessing your child’s muscles and joints, as well as their lungs and heart.

Like school physicals, the staff at Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc., completes any required paperwork for the organization requesting the sports physical.

Don’t wait until the week before school to schedule your child’s school physical; call the office of Dr. Sindu Pillai, MD Inc., or book an appointment online today.